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“DNA Scientist Kevin McKernan Drops Mad Science About Science” Episode 299

“And YOU Get Your Own Crypto Currency! And YOU Get Your Own Crypto Currency!….– Freedom Feens live radio archive episode 298, and Scrypt-Jane and SHA CryptoCoin creation guide and source code.” Episode 298

“But Cats WILL Be Allowed On the FeenCoin-Powered Spaceship to Alpha-Centauri” Episode 297

“Canadian Libertarians Ed and Ethan on The Freedom Feens Talk Radio Show” Episode 296


“Ben Stone and Michael Dean Talking in the Late Afternoon”- The Bad Quaker Podcast

“American Exceptionalism vs. True Liberty” Episode 294

“Who Will Build The Roads? BitCoin!” Episode 293

“Who Will Decide Your Rights? Top Men” Episode 292

“Backstage at the Teaching Hospital” Episode 291

Freedom Feens Podcast Episodes 281-290

“Explaining to Patriots Why The Constitution Will Never Save America (and What Can Save America)” Episode 290

“The Freedom Feens on the New Golden Age Of Radio And Liberty” Episode 289

“How Soon Will Free Speech Be Illegal?” Episode 288

“All Governments Break All Ten Commandments All Day, Every Day” Episode 287

“Interviews About Disruptive Innovation with Daniel Nazer of the Electronic Frontier Foundation, and Cody Wilson the Printable Gun Guy” Episode 286

“Ben Stone and Michael Dean Tap Their Own Phones” Episode 285

“Tweak in Review – 19-second Freedom Feens Jingle” Free MP3

“Daylight Statist Time” Episode 284

“Government: OUR Word is YOUR Bond” Episode 283

“30-second PSA for the The Electronic Frontier Foundation for your podcast or radio show” Free MP3

“Michael Shanklin Interviews Michael Dean for the Voluntary Virtues podcast” Mp3 Here

“The Ark of the State” Episode 282

“Look What Obama’s Done to You Today” Free MP3

“What to Do With the Jackbooted Thugs After America Collapses” Episode 281

The Freedom Feens Podcast Episodes 271-280

“Freedom Feens Are The Cutting Edge of Serbo-Croatian-Scandinavian Mind Liberator Technology” Episode 280

“We Are All East Berliners Now” Episode 279

“Harry Truman and FDR Wore Dresses” Episode 278

“Ring Tone- Freedom Feens” Free MP3

“Government is a Big Box of Nothing” Episode 277

“The Freedom Feens Scare Brendon Small, Creator of Dethklok, by Teaching Him about Krokodil – Live Radio Interview” Episode 276

“The Freedom Feens Do a Radio Interview with Moscow Rock Band Louna” Episode 275

“The Freedom Feens are Libertarian Snake Handlers” Episode 274

“There’s Nothing To Fear But Government Itself” Episode 273

“Congressman Alan Grayson Says “Freedom Feens” As a Dirty Word – and The Snow Must Go On.” Episode 272

“The Freedom Feens Trip the Independent Thought Alarm” Episode 271

The Freedom Feens Podcast Episodes 261-270

“Mamas Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Statists” Episode 270

“Obama is a Baby Killer” Episode 269

“The Growing Problem Of Stowaway Cats” Episode 268

“Grow a Market, Ya Wuss!” Episode 267

“If You Want More Government, Move to North Korea” Episode 266

“Understanding THE AGGRESSION PRINCIPLE” Episode 265

“Traffic Cameras Are Proof The Government Doesn’t Work” Episode 264

“The Anarchist Roots of the Modern Republican Party” Episode 263

“Because Karl Hess, That’s Why” Episode 262

“A Banana Republic If You Can Keep It, Ma’am” Episode 261

The Freedom Feens Podcast Episodes 251-260

“Radio Rounds at the Teaching Hospital” Episode 260

“MWD quits the FSP” Episode 259

“Cops Just Wanna Have Guns” Episode 258

“Congress Wouldn’t Back War In Syria Unless They Were Caught In Bed With a Live Boy Or a Dead Girl” Episode 257

“WAR WERE DECLARED!” Episode 256

“I’m Happy All The Time” Episode 255

“Michael W. Dean on Ed and Ethan podcast” Anarchy Gumbo Episode

“Politics is Still Useful, to Show You You’re a Slave” Episode 254

“100 Billion Picowatts Of Tyranny-Busting Power” Episode 253

“Ron Paul’s Pay Wall Makes Him a Dinosaur Thrashing In The Tar Pits” Episode 252

“Freedom Feens live from Midwest Peace And Liberty Fest” Episode 251

The Freedom Feens Podcast Episodes 241-250

“FREEDOM FEENS EPISODE 250 – Not Droned Yet” Episode 250

“Amanda Billyrock – Liberty, Love, New Hampshire, and Praxeology.” Episode 249

“A River Of Coffee Flows Through Me” Episode 248

“Gaslight Me Baby, All Night Long” Episode 247

“Democrats are John F. Kennedy before an election, and John McCain after an election” Episode 246

“Republicans are Samuel Adams before an election, and Alexander Hamilton after an election” Episode 245

“My Dog Ate My Show Clock” Episode 244

“Stephan Kinsella’s Macho Libertarian Flash” Episode 243


“A Feens To Remember” Episode 241

“Michael Dean Vs. Adam Vs. The Man” Bonus AVTM

The Freedom Feens Podcast Episodes 231-240

“Obama thinks Race is Now Fluid Like Gender” Episode 240

“May We Live in Interesting Times, with LARKEN ROSE” Episode 239

“Bad Quaker/Anarchy Gumbo/Freedom Feens – episode: Adam Kokesh’s Ferret Swing Party” Anarchy Gumbo Episode 63

“Get Thee Hence, STATAN!” Episode 238

“A Conversation About Media with Ben Swann and Neema Vedadi” Episode 237

“Guns and Fungus: The Road to SWAT” Episode 236

“David Codrea Interview on the Freedom Feens Radio Show” Episode 235

“A Sheep’s Guide to Why Government is Good” Episode 234

“Little Bunker on the Prairie” Episode 233

“Mike Vanderboegh Interview on the Freedom Feens radio show” Episode 232

“Madder Than A Wet Hen About Those Malingering Goldbricking Crumb Bums!” Episode 231

The Freedom Feens Podcast Episodes 221-230

“Beyond the Non-Aggression Principle” Episode 230

“Murder and Acid: the Road to Now” Episode 229

“Doing promos for radio station affiliates of your syndicated show” Anarchy Gumbo Episode 62

“Guns and Weed and Laws, Oh My!” Episode 228

“The Feens’ College Radio Episode (non-broadcast mid-week madness)” Episode 227

“The Government is Tapping Your Phones (We TOLD you Before! And You Called Us CRAZY!)” Episode 226

“The Squarest Thing Any Musician Can Do Is Back Any Politician” Episode 225

“The Feens Explain Feendom to the Libertarian Party” Anarchy Gumbo Episode 61

“The Feens and the feens who love them and the State that hates them” Episode 224

“Public School is Catechism Classes for the God of the State” Episode 223

“Anything The Left And The Right Agree on is Probably Wrong” Episode 222

“The Brothers Vedadi and the Feens Dynasty” Episode 221

The Freedom Feens Podcast Episodes 211-220

“Tests of the new version of Mumble with Opus Codec” Creamy Radio Audio Episode 6

“Redemption In The Third Act, and an Anarchist Baby On The Way” Episode 220

“The Vast No-Wing Conspiracy That is the Feens” Episode 219

“That Kittyfeet Theme Song everyone keeps asking about.” Anarchy Gumbo MP3 Song

“Bureaucrats Are Paper Goons” Episode 218

“3D Printing to Replace Government by 2016″ Episode 217

“Freedom Feens 216- Obama Loves War, Torture and Indefinite Detention. Should You? – live radio archive” Episode 216

“3D Printed Freedom (Now With Extra Worms!)” Episode 215

“Bad Quaker vs. the Progressive” The Bad Quaker Podcast

“Did Adam Kokesh Get Set Up and Gitmo’ed?” Episode 214

“Debunking The Great Man Fallacy – live radio archive” Episode 213

The Anarchy Gumbo Podcast Episodes 56-60

“Overarching Libertarianism” Episode 212

“Michael W. Dean vs. The Progressives, interview on RAD-I-OOOOOOOOOO!” Anarchy Gumbo Episode 60

“Felonious Carry of a Concealed Radio” Episode 211

The Freedom Feens Podcast Episodes 201-210

“Radio Crammed Down Your Ear Hole” Episode 210

“The Feens: A Bidet for Your Brain” Episode 209

“The Last-Ever LRN Feens Live Show” Episode 208

“MikeMakesRight and Michael W. Dean Poke The Hornet’s Nest.” Anarchy Gumbo Episode 59

“Armed and Peaceful” Episode 207

“The State is Organized Barbarism” Episode 206

“The Statist Generation (LRN radio archive)” Episode 205

“New World Vultures” Episode 204

FIXED Ben Stone Bad Quaker top 50 episodes, HERE

“Turn Off the Terrorvison, Turn On The Feens” Episode 203

“Voters Are People Who Outsource Their Violence (LRN radio archive)” Episode 202

“Statists Are Morally Obtuse” Episode 201

“James Davis on Why Education Needs More Mud” Anarchy Gumbo Episode 58

The Freedom Feens Podcast Episodes 191-200

“Feens Episode 200: The Road To Radio!” Episode 200

“If You Don’t Love ‘Murica, GET OUT!” Episode 199

“Ben Quaker and MWD on “Beware of Those In Whom The Urge To Punish Is Strong””- Episode 198

“An Interview with the Guy who Invented “ROAAAAAAAAAADS!” as an Anti-Statist Picture Meme.” Anarchy Gumbo Episode 57

“Neema’s on a Boat, Yo!” Episode 197

“Voluntary Contracts Between The Freedom Feens and the Bad Quaker” Episode 196


“Two Years Of The Freedom Feens!” Episode 194

“Easter Podcat (LRN radio archive)” Episode 193

“Tyranny’s Just The Symptom, The Disease Is Stupidity” Episode 192

“Freedom Feens – Filling In The Blank Since 2011″ Episode 191

The Freedom Feens Podcast Episodes 181-190

“People Who Are Experts In Things That Are Wrong (LRN radio archive)” Episode 190

“Cute Puppies Love the Freedom Feens!” Episode 189

“Bill Buppert Gives Hope For the Future in an Increasingly Difficult World” Anarchy Gumbo Episode 56

“The State is as Legitimate and Real as Santa Claus or a Talking Squirrel” Episode 188

“The Emergency Room at the Audio Teaching Hospital (LRN archive)” Episode 187

The Anarchy Gumbo Podcast Episodes 51-55

““Government” is a Dirty Word” Episode 186

“Davi Barker on the Emperor’s New Clothes That is The State” Anarchy Gumbo Episode 55

“Art, Anarchy and Liberty” Episode 185

“Impressionable Libertarian Kids in Their College Dorms Love The Freedom Feens (LRN radio archive)” Episode 184

“The Triumphant Return of Mr. Ben Stone The Bad Quaker” Anarchy Gumbo Episode 54

“Pooplicating Gosh Darned Squirrles of Liberty!” Episode 183

“Even Creamier Creamy Radio Audio ad” Creamy Radio Audio Radio Ad

“6-Minute Audio Examples and Review of Presonus Studio Channel Tube-Pre Amp / Compressor / Parametric EQ unit” Creamy Radio Audio Episode 2

“‘Murica. Mercantilism. ‘Muricatilsm” Episode 182

“Statism = State Is Awesome! (LRN radio archive)” Episode 181

Freedom Feens Episodes 171-180

“Bad Quaker’s Bad Audio, and How to Do Better” Creamy Radio Audio Episode 1

“How to Start Your Own Nation – Interview with President Kevin Baugh of a Micronation Called The Republic of Molossia.” Anarchy Gumbo Episode 53

“Patent Trolls, Podcasting, and Is Obama Satan?” Episode 180

“Keep Up The Good Worms” Episode 179

“Amby” Neema Vedadi’s Nifty Ambient Track- Free MP3

“Micronations and Molestations, oh my! (LRN radio archive)” Episode 178

“Derrick J Explains His Process.” Anarchy Gumbo Episode 52

“Feen Drone, Feen Drone” Episode 177

You sir, are worse than Obama, Freedom Feens 176

Better Audio Compass audio tests Freedom Feens.

“The Tax Man vs. the Pain Monster”- Episode 175

“The Feens INVENTED Cyberbegging in 2002″- Episode 174

Freedom Feens 173: State of the Statists Address

“Jeff from Liberty Private Network Talks About His Secure Bat Phones” Anarchy Gumbo Episode 51

“The Chair is Against the Wall. The Chair is Against the Wall. (LRN Radio archive)” Episode 172

“By The Time You Finish This Episode, You’ll Have Less Freedom Than When You Started” Episode 171

The Anarchy Gumbo Podcast  Episodes 46-50

“Ben Stone Grows Old Gracefully With Michael Dean (no homo).” Anarchy Gumbo Episode 50

Freedom Feens Podcast Episodes 161-170

“Statist Rush Limbaugh Calls Others “Statist”” Episode 170

“Liberty Kitties! (LRN radio archive)” Episode 169

Michael W. Dean’s 1983 Magnum Opus, “The Solstice Suite” Free MP3


“An Introduction to Liberty, and to The Freedom Feens” Episode 167

“Interview With Neema Vedadi”- Bad Quaker Dot Com Podcast



“The Freedom Feens Ninja Hero Action Hour Anti-Pepper Spray Theme Song” Free MP3

“How Many Cops Does It Take To Make Neema Change a Light Bulb? (LRN radio archive)” Episode 166

“Lawmakers Are Law Breakers” Episode 165

Ben Chats With Michael Dean on The Bad Quaker

Right Arm of Wyoming CD – Cling to Our Guns

Monica Perez, Anarchist Soccer Mom, Anarchy Gumbo 49

Radio Is the Mancave Taken Worldwide. Freedom Feens 164

“Disobeying Bad Laws (LRN live archive)” Episode 163

“Michael W. Dean Yacks on Th’ Radio” Anarchy Gumbo Episode 48

“Obama’s 23 Kicks in the Groin to Honest Gun Owners” Episode 162

Freedom Feens Podcast Episodes 151-160

“Just Leave Me Alone” Episode 161

“Is the Government Planning To Kill You?” Episode 160

“Randall Perry Explains the New Normal” Anarchy Gumbo Episode 47

“Politrixters and Babylon” Episode 159

“What’s Next, Worm-On-Squirrel Marriage?” Episode 158

“The Flu Has a Higher Approval Rating Than Congress” Episode 157

“Some Music by Bomb” To Elvis in Hell- Side One

“Michael Got Dem Talkin’ Government Flu Blues” Episode 156

“State Jobs Program: Dig fiscal cliff, fill it back in, rinse, repeat” Episode 155

“Freedom Feens, bitches!” Episode 154

“Moral Relativism Leads to Democide” Episode 46

“Make Love Not Law” Episode 153

“A Very Feens Family Christmas” Episode 152

“Statists: They Hate Us For Our Freedoms” Episode 151

The Anarchy Gumbo Podcast Episodes 41-45

“A Gun for Everyone (except for government)” Neema Vedadi’s Christmas Gift to the World – Free MP3

“Christian Seger on The Butthole Surfers, Goat Cheese and the State”  Anarchy Gumbo Episode 45

The Freedom Feens Podcast Episodes 141-150 Plus an Exclusive Preview Bonus Track for the Torrent Club

“Last Freedom Feens Episode Ever!” Episode 150

“I Felt Like God Hurling Thunderbolts From Afar” Episode 149

“Ben Quaker Asks “Is Hillary Clinton Really a Robot?”” Episode 148

“Neema Vedadi on Ed and Ethan” Anarchy Gumbo Episode 44

“The Feens: A Gift to the Future” Episode 147

“Merry Grinchmas Freedom Feens radio ad” 90 Second Ad

“Where the Hippies Went Wrong” Episode 146

“State Speech is Hate Speech” Episode 145

“Hits of Acid” LP by Bomb MP3 Files

“Pee on Me (Pushy Bottom Remix)” Michael W. Dean BDSM trip-hop tune (ThornDaddy and Dollie Llama) MP3

“Many Libertarians Would Rather Complain Than Do Anything About It” Episode 144

“Why We Torrent, or How We Learned To Stop Worrying and Love the Liberty Whores (Live on Freedom Feens Radio)” Episode 143

“Gentlemen, you can’t fight in here! This is the Pod Room! (LRN Feens Live Archive)” Episode 142

“Rats”, Free PDF eBook on spotting snitches and informants, written by libertarian OG Claire Wolfe. PDF File

“Mojo Nixon Talks About Hookers, Worms, Speed, and Anarchy” Anarchy Gumbo Episode 43

“Michael W. Dean on Freedom Experiment Podcast.” Anarchy Gumbo Episode 42

“Ignorance is No Excuse for the Law” Episode 141

The Freedom Feens Podcast Episodes 131-140

“Jesus Was a Terrorist” Episode 140

“Teaching the Slaves to Read (LRN Feens Live Archive)” Episode 139


“Ed and Ethan Panel Discussion with Tim Moen and Michael W. Dean.” Anarchy Gumbo Episode 41

The Anarchy Gumbo Podcast Episodes 36-40

‘Linux, Guns, Porn, and Microphones Oh My!” Episode 138

“Die Feen!” Episode 137

“Muslim Vs. Anti-Muslim debate with Will Coley and Jack Burkman”  Anarchy Gumbo Episode 40

“Statheism: Who Needs An Invisible God When You’ve Got One You Can See In The White House? (LRN Feens Live Archive)” Episode 136

“Larken Rose Post-Election State-of-the-Union Redress” Anarchy Gumbo Episode 39

“Message to the Voting Squirrels” Episode 135

“Doing Nothing Is Better Than Doing Evil” Episode 134

“More Feen for the Statist Soul (LRN Feens Live Archive)” Episode 133

Freedom Feens-High Rez Art for T-shirts and Merch, Creative Commons- zip file

“Libido Dominandi” Episode 132

“Anarchy Gumbo 38 Post-Election Ron Paul Support Group with Robin Koerner” Anarchy Gumbo Episode 38

“If Voting Changed Anything, It Would Get You Droned” Episode 131

The Freedom Feens Podcast Episodes 121-130

“Good People Don’t Steal, Rape Or Kill, Even If They Can Get Away With It” Episode 130

“Dick Dale Drops Mad Science About How the Universe Works, Part 3 of 3″ Anarchy Gumbo Episode 37

“Gun training DVD” ISO file

“Guns and Weed: The Road to Freedom” English Transcription

“A User’s Manual for the Human Experience” Full Audiobook

“Ron Paul Post-Election Freedom Feens” 30 Second ad

“Obama Skeet Fink” Episode 129

“Obama’s Feet Stink (Freedom Feens rap song with Rich Black)” Free Release

“Billy, if they love the State, they’re not really your friends (LRN Feens Live Archive)” Episode 128

“Things My Dad Says” Episode 127

“DJ Coniacal and MC Lie-Berry Filling in for DJ Silencer and MC Choreboy” Episode 126

“Tarrin Lupo Talks About Everything, and a Little Bit About His Books” Anarchy Gumbo Episode 36

Macho Libertarian Flash with the Freedom Feens (LRN Feens Live Archive) Episode 125

“Voting is for Suckers!” Episode 124

The Anarchy Gumbo Podcast Episodes 31-35

“Dick Dale Drops Mad Science About How the Universe Works, Part 2 of 3″ Anarchy Gumbo Episode 35

“Envisioning LibPar Into Being With Cartoonist Scott Bieser” Anarchy Gumbo Episode 34

“Yacktivists” Episode 123

“Feens Live from Libertopia (LRN Feens Live Archive)”- Episode 122

“Without Adam Curry, We’d be Standing on the Corner Screaming at Strangers”- Episode 121

“Dick Dale Drops Mad Science About How the Universe Works, Part 1 of 3″ Anarchy Gumbo Episode 33

The Freedom Feens Podcast Episodes 111-120

“It’s Not My Fault, a Lot of People Are Wrong”- Episode 120

“Happy Anarchy-Versery! (LRN Feens Live Archive)”- Episode 119

“Every Election Is Two Millionaires Fighting Over Who Loves The Common Man More”- Episode 118

“Poddus Interruptus”- Episode 117

“A Tranny Hooker’s Child’s Letter to the President (LRN Feens Live Archive)”- Episode 116

“The Lost First Feens Episode” Anarchy Gumbo Episode 32

“The Freedom Feens Agenda, show 1″- Episode 115

“The Feens’ Five-Year Plan”- Episode 114

“Statists Think People Should Be in Jail for Being Happy”- Episode 113

“A Guide to Recognizing Your Worms”- Episode 112

“Eric S. Raymond, father of the Open-Source Movement, talks about computers, guns and liberty.” Anarchy Gumbo Episode 31

“Bitcoin Swear Jar”- Episode 111

The Anarchy Gumbo Podcast Episodes 26-30

“David Crowley, Director Of Gray State Movie Talks Filmmaking, Armageddon and Hope.” Anarchy Gumbo Episode 30

The Freedom Feens Podcast Episodes 101-110

“I’m No Longer An Artist. I Use The Tools Of Art For Propaganda”- Episode 110

Gun Training with the Non-Aggression Principle Volume One DVD Ad

Brand New Ad for The Freedom Feens Blog

“The Desire to be a Statist is a Birth Defect!”- Episode 109

“Why Muslims Should be Libertarian.” Anarchy Gumbo Episode 29

“And All Drugs Would Cost 8 Cents a Dose”- Episode 108

“Derrick J’s Victimless Crime Spree. HD”: 720p available here.

“D.I.Y. or Die: How to Survive as an Independent Artist”, Directed by Michael W. Dean- DVD ISO available now.

“HUBERT SELBY JR: It/ll Be Better Tomorrow”, Directed by Michael W Dean- DVD ISO available now.

“Anatomy of The State”- Episode 107

“Smuggler Talks About Second Realm and Computer Security in an Unsecure World” Anarchy Gumbo Episode 28

“Guns and Weed: The Road to Freedom” movie torrent, DVD iso

“Guns and Weed: The Road to Freedom” movie torrent, DVD rip

“Drug Treatment and The State, part 1″- Episode 106

“TheRealPlato Tells You How To Keep THE MAN From Fingering Your Computer Ports.” Anarchy Gumbo Episode 27

“In Soviet Amerika, social network follows YOU!”-Episode 105

“Paul Rosenberg Talks About Free Speech Becoming Illegal in America” Anarchy Gumbo Episode 26

“In Soviet Russia, Drug Consumes YOU!”- Episode 104

“Ladies Love the Cool Freedom Feens!”- Episode 103

The Anarchy Gumbo Podcast Episodes 21-25

“Computer Security for You to Avoid the Man”- Episode 102

“Garrett Fox Picks a Winner in the Upcoming Elections”- Episode 101

The Freedom Feens Podcast Episodes 91-100

The Anarchy Gumbo Podcast Episodes 16-20

The Freedom Feens Podcast Episodes 81-90

The Anarchy Gumbo Podcast Episodes 11-15

The Freedom Feens Podcast Episodes 71-80

The Anarchy Gumbo Podcast Episodes 6-10

The Freedom Feens Podcast Episodes 61-70

The Anarchy Gumbo Podcast Episodes 1-5

The Freedom Feens Podcast Episodes 51-60

The Freedom Feens Podcast Episodes 41-50

The Freedom Feens Podcast Episodes 31-40

The Freedom Feens Podcast Episodes 21-30

The Freedom Feens Podcast Episodes 11-20

The Freedom Feens Podcast Episodes 1-10