TestRail Perl API

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Perl interface to TestRail's REST API

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Implements most available TestRail API methods:

  • Making Projects,Suites,Sections,Cases,Plans and Runs
  • Getting the same
  • Deleting the same
  • Setting test run statuses

Basically everything needed to sync up automated test runs to the test management DB. Also has convenience methods to handle various limitations of the API.

my $url = "http://some.testrail.install/";

my $user = 'JohnDoe';

my $pw = 'password';

my $apiClient = new TestRail::API($url,$user,$pass);

Also provides a prove plugin and TAP analyzer so that you can upload results on-the-fly or after it's logged to a file.

As of version 0.019, it also supports automated creation of builds (for use in a CI sort of arrangement).

TODO: alter tests so that you can keep in sync.

See POD for more info.