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Extra "Contact Manager" Providers for cPanel and WHM

Current plugins:

  • XMPP -- Stable XMPP provider (well, as stable as Net::XMPP is, anyways). See issue #2
  • IRC -- New provider, needs more testing by users out in the wild. "Works for Me"
  • Slack -- Works presuming you have an incoming WebHook URL, much like CpanelRicky's MatterMost plugin.
  • Discord -- Similar to Slack, use an incoming WebHook URL.
  • Telegram -- Works, though getting the right numeric ID for the user/group you want to message may be tricky. An instructional video has been posted here to assist you with getting this all setup.

If you like this plugin, consider sending a a few dollars this way:

Installation and Use:

  • Clone this repo with git onto a cPanel host of at least 11.64+.
  • After changing the current working directory of your terminal session into the repo's directory, run make if you want to install all the providers.


  • If you want to only install one specific provider, run 'make install-$provider' -- example: make install-slack would install Slack's provider.
  • (Optionally) Run the Tests with make test
  • Go to WHM >> Basic Setup and configure the provider options
  • Go to WHM >> Contact Manager and make sure it is set up to spam you mercilessly (and for the notifications you care about!).
  • Do something to trigger a notification that should fire notifications from cPanel & WHM per your preference in /etc/clevels.conf
  • If you tire of the modules and want to get rid of them, run make uninstall.



Currently, the DIGEST-MD5 method (used by default in Net::XMPP when authenticating against the latest ejabberd versions) causes failures to send notifications. Add disable_sasl_mechanisms: "DIGEST-MD5" to your ejabberd.yml config file to avoid this problem. See issue #2 on the tracker.

XMPP Driver (generally):

I've seen a report about gtalk.t failing on install for certain users when attempting to install Net::XMPP as a dependency. If this occurs, you'll likely have to manually run CPAN and tell it to ignore the failing tests: cpan -i -f Net::XMPP. After it installs you can then rerun make install and it should be OK. (the '-f' flag stands for 'force')


If you want to run a functional test for any of these (to debug problems), please run the following script: scripts/ as this will prompt you for all the needed values to make the test run (it tells you how to run it too).

Anyways, this script will write out a file like the following to the repo's top level directory. In this example, we're using the XMPP provider, so it will be .xmpptestrc:

XMPPUSERNAME: user@domain.tld





You'll note these correspond to the values in the Provider's Schema module. With that set, you should spam yourself with a message if the t/Cpanel-iContact-Provider-XMPP.t test passes.

Same goes for the IRC or Slack provider... use the same keys as in the schema module for dopeouts in its' test.


As always, if you feel there's a bug, please file an issue on the tracker. If you want to chat about it, hop on the Matrix Chat server for troglodyne. Instructions here: